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Galleries ART + DESIGN

30 galleries / 8 designers (collectible design)
Revealing sector: Solo Show
Modern artist to rediscover or young artist to discover

Collectors’ Preview

Menart Fair invites its collectors to preview the exhibited works.

Opening night 

Menart Fair invites VIPs to discover the works on show, followed by a cocktail reception.

Round tables

Conferences featuring leading figures will be organised in collaboration with the Sorbonne and other institutions.

Visits with mediation

Guided tours are organised every day to give visitors the keys to understanding the art of our regions.


Artistic performances combining dance and music will be held throughout the four days of the show.

Video programme

This year’s edition will feature a special screening of a selection of artists’ videos.

Museums & Institutions

Several exhibitions (museums, foundations, institutions) will be presenting a selection of works from their MENA collections.

Kids Tour 

A programme of visits has been designed for children to help them discover the art of the MENA in a playful way.