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Our Vision

MENART FAIR with a confidential format offers an initiatory journey through a demanding selection of more than hundred modern and contemporary artists, most of whom are recognized in their respective countries.

Unprecedented in the West, this fair (face-to-face & on-line) exhibits artistic scenes that are sometimes unknown to European collectors and amateurs. It creates a dialogue between the different cultures of these regions, which are as rich as they are distinct from one another.

Through the selection of participating galleries, MENART FAIR highlights the fertility, uniqueness and originality of the artistic scenes of MENA, today supported by a number of renowned museums and institutions.

Relatively little known to audiences, the contemporary artistic mosaic of MENA is still young. Several «moderns» have asserted themselves there, now internationally recognized, and the young generation of contemporary artists is among the most numerous on the international art scene. This new generation is unparalleled in its richness and diversity, its fertile ebullition, its languages which converge or contradict each other, forming an unexpected mirror of the world !

Thus, this vast region, both geographically and historically, has benefited from an experience conducive to artistic creation and thought.

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