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Our selection committee



Stefania Angarano
is an independent curator and been working as the director of the Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art since 1990. Fully commited to providing new opportunities to the variety of cultural practices in Egypt, her efforts are directed to discovering and promoting new artistic talents, as well as supporting both established and emerging artists.

Levant & Gulf


Kalim Bechara 
is an Art curator, collector and dealer. He is the founder and director of Kalim ArtSpace, a gallery based in Beirut. He curates and plans exhibitions in the Arab region every year and is a patron at the British Museum for the CAMMEA group.

North Africa


Essia Hamdi  
started as a French literature teacher, then pursued rare objects, launching the “Atyqa” gallery with Ali Bellagha’s guidance. Her meeting with Arman shifted focus to modern art, elevating her gallery, “Le Violon Bleu,” in Sidi Bou Saïd. Hamdi now serves as a reference, facilitating MENA artists’ works acquisition by prestigious museums globally.



Leila Varasteh 
gained expertise in Iranian art, focusing on modern and contemporary periods. As an art advisor, she assisted collectors in building their Iranian art collections. She founded Simine Paris, an online platform uniquely supporting young Iranian artists in Europe, by organising exhibitions, participating in art fairs and providing logistical support.