Thursday 20th May 2021
MENART FAIR in Paris, May 27-30, 2021

Focus on female artists

Women represent 40% of the artists exhibited at MENART FAIR! This is a fact, not a claim, and even less a proclamation. This surprising proportion simply led us to wonder about the status of the female artist in the ME.NA regions.


Etel Adnan (Lebanon), Lumière Blanche, 2016, wool, 162 x 243 cm, 63,77 x 95,66 in, Ed. 3
Courtesy of Galleria Continua

Among the 72 artists present, around thirty are women. This is a one-off observation among others: geographical origin, period of creation, figurative vs. abstract ... We analyze this data to understand supply and demand, advance our future editions and show the best and reality of this art scene.


Reem Al Faisal (Saudi Arabia), “Only the Lonely I”, analog print, 60 cm x 50 cm
Courtesy of Mono Gallery

There were, of course, female artists who revolutionized the artistic, even social, scene in the 1950s to 1970s. At the same time as in the West. These pioneering modern artists shook up the rules of the game in the art scene. Vertical and courageous figures such as Etel Adnan (Lebanon), Simone Fattal (Syria) and Mona Hatoum (Palestine), Behjat Sadr (Iran), Nji Efflatoun (Egypt), Baya Mahieddine (Algeria) and Chaïbia Talal (Morocco) modernized the chessboard, by joining in a provocative way the gesture, the word and the posture. But the status of the female artist cannot be summed up in its isolated rocks. And times have changed.



Delel Tangour (Tunisia), Hya (triptyq), B/W silver prints on fine art paper Hahnemuhle ultra smooth, 24 x 30 cm, limited prints 1/3, Courtesy of AYN Gallery

Michelle Maluf (Lebanon), Inca, 2019, Leather, thread and ticks, 100 x 50 cm, Courtesy of Galerie Cheriff Tabet

In a way, the contemporary female scene - much richer, more varied and more dispersed - is the heir to those golden years. But all the societies concerned have evolved, sometimes even regressed ... The media are often very different (photo, video, digital, installations, performances ...) and social networks protect as much as they expose these creators. Women artists continue to produce despite obstacles, in a largely masculine, patriarchal and religious universe, which complicates their affirmation, expression and recognition.


Simone Fattal (Syria), oil on canvas, 171 x 121 cm,
Courtesy of Galerie Tanit

The place of the female artist in the Middle East, the Gulf, Iran and the North Africa is neither easy to characterize, nor similar everywhere: it varies from one point to another of this transverse continent, from one point to another, according to longitude and local history, proximity to the East or the West, politico-religious radicalism or tolerance ... If the backdrop remains masculine Islam all the same dominant, more or less subtly, we have encountered all the scenarios. The nuance is essential, therefore.


Hiba Kalache (Lebanon), pitched in a swirl of absurdity, 2020, mixed media on canvas, 125 x 107 cm, Courtesy of Saleh Barakat Gallery

Apart from the British initiative Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN), there would not be, to our knowledge, a “gendered” claim, a feminist artistic current or the display of a difference compared to the artist. male. This or that woman artist has here and there affirmed her femininity or even her feminine preference, but not to the point of nourishing a "current". Conversely, many artists strive to put their origins or their gender in the background, preferring to express themselves in their work, their creations and their inspirations.

They are above all artists, which will be confirmed by this first edition of MENART FAIR.



Wijdan (Jordan), Walah, 2015, Murano glass,
29 x 19 x 7 cm, Courtesy of Wadi Finan Art Gallery

Hanieh Delecroix Tabatabaei (Iran), Amour, 2016, acrylic on paper,
187 x 98 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Shirin Art Gallery

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